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Rant time!

There is a certain person in my lab (who shall remain nameless; those of you who know, will know) who has repeatedly gone over my head when it comes to the mouse colony. I manage the mouse colony. That is initially what I was hired to do. This involves basic things like breeding the mice, genotyping them, and keeping close track of which ones are needed for experiments. It's not a hard job, but it is made infinitely more difficult when people ignore that I am in charge of the colony and sacrifice mice without letting me know that that is what they are doing.

This has come to a head. He doesn't like the way we are going to be doing things in the future; sacrificing the mice in pairs (two people, not two mice), weighing the mice, weighing organs, etc. He likes working alone, he doesn't like coordinating with other people, because he likes to do things whenever it's completely convenient for him. When we told him on Friday that we were going to start doing standardized sacrifices, he complained. This morning I went down to the colony and noticed that three cages were missing. Since I am in charge of keeping track of things, I worried about it. I called him, knowing he was the most likely culprit, and he said he'd sacrificed them this weekend but hadn't emailed me yet.

What the fuck. I have told him repeatedly that he needs to inform me of anything he does with the colony. It's not like I'll tell him not to! I just need to fucking know!

I'm pretty sure he didn't tell me because he didn't want to "waste his time" doing the standardized procedures.

Fuck that. If he won't play nice, I'm not going to either. Now that I've written this entry, I'm going to go to talk to my boss. I'm tired of being disrespected over this.

[ED: This isn't the same problem as my last post.]
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Hey kids, it's been a while.

Today I got E. coli guts on my hands. Mmm, delish.

Also, I found a gimptastic runty mouse from the immaculate conception litter (there's basically no way that the mama mouse could have HAD this litter). She's kind of pathetically amusing looking--her front half is too big for her back half, and she's about half the size of her littermates. She also stumbles around squinting. But she's managed to live this long... she might just make it to adulthood. She's probably horrifically inbred.

Now I'm waiting for an affinity column to drain. Yaaaay.

On Sunday I went mushroom hunting (edible), and we found lots of chanterelles. They cost a lot in the store, and it's fun to pick them, so we did.

Tomorrow I go to a bouldering gym with my new friend Sarah. We are excited! Yay!

Ok! Thrilling, I know.
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Today, everyone, I got to watch a mouse give birth. I just happened to come downstairs right as this pregnant female started squeezing out her first pup. I set the cage down on the edge of the cage-holder-shelf and watched it all through the clear plastic bottom of the cage (the mice are given bedding, but in this particuar area, luckily, the mice had pushed it aside). It was quite fascinating; I'm not sure if everyone finds this sort of thing as fascinating as I do, but I hope so, because damn if birth isn't one of the weirdest, most amazing things that mammals do.

Herein lies mousey-birth details! )

In other news, circus classes start tomorrow!


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