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Rant time!

There is a certain person in my lab (who shall remain nameless; those of you who know, will know) who has repeatedly gone over my head when it comes to the mouse colony. I manage the mouse colony. That is initially what I was hired to do. This involves basic things like breeding the mice, genotyping them, and keeping close track of which ones are needed for experiments. It's not a hard job, but it is made infinitely more difficult when people ignore that I am in charge of the colony and sacrifice mice without letting me know that that is what they are doing.

This has come to a head. He doesn't like the way we are going to be doing things in the future; sacrificing the mice in pairs (two people, not two mice), weighing the mice, weighing organs, etc. He likes working alone, he doesn't like coordinating with other people, because he likes to do things whenever it's completely convenient for him. When we told him on Friday that we were going to start doing standardized sacrifices, he complained. This morning I went down to the colony and noticed that three cages were missing. Since I am in charge of keeping track of things, I worried about it. I called him, knowing he was the most likely culprit, and he said he'd sacrificed them this weekend but hadn't emailed me yet.

What the fuck. I have told him repeatedly that he needs to inform me of anything he does with the colony. It's not like I'll tell him not to! I just need to fucking know!

I'm pretty sure he didn't tell me because he didn't want to "waste his time" doing the standardized procedures.

Fuck that. If he won't play nice, I'm not going to either. Now that I've written this entry, I'm going to go to talk to my boss. I'm tired of being disrespected over this.

[ED: This isn't the same problem as my last post.]
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Today was the most excitingest comics day evar. Here's why:

-I met Allison Bechdel, bought her new book, heard her talk, and then she signed my book afterwards! She's pretty much the coolest published-author-comics-artist-writer-person ever, and she was super cute on stage--every time she wasn't sure of an answer or there was a pause, her mouth would twitch. Also, her favorite book that she'd have on a desert island if she couldn't have anything else would be Pride and Prejudice. How cool is that? And she said that while she started out with Mo as her avatar in Dykes to Watch Out For, Sidney has become her avatar because "well, I introduced her because I realized everyone in the comic was really pretty nice, and I wanted someone who wasn't, and well, I guess I'm not all that nice most of the time. Take from that what you will."

And then she signed my book and I awkwardly talked about Charis and how Sarah and I read all her books on the couches before HS Women's writer's group, and how I used to live in the Twin Cities and so did she. I imagine it must be kind of weird, having to share a Personal Moment with hundreds of people who want to meet you one after another...

-For the second bullet point, which is pretty much the only other one I have, I got to meet Erika Moen who writes Dar (http://www.webcomicsnation.com/erika/dar/series.php), which I love. We chatted for a long time and she was super cool and as awesome as she seems from her comic. I even watched her booth for five minutes when she had to go pee, and awkwardly managed to sort of sell the other guy at her table's comics. I'm pretty sure I was blushing the whole time I talked to her. Radcakes!

And so it was the best day for comix-awesome evar! Hurrah!
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Off to the interview to the job I don't want. Come on, full-time jobs, won't you call me?
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As a weird side-effect of reading Dan Savage's book, The Kid, which is about how he and his partner adopted a kid from a homeless girl, I kinda sorta want to go volunteer at the shelter she stayed in in the book (she lived in Portland). Apparently 30% of the kids there are gay/bi/trans/questioning, which I have a fair amount of experience with, as you know. It's a good program--only kids under 21 are allowed to stay there, but they try to get them off the streets and into jobs or education. 80% of the kids who go through the program don't end up back on the streets, which is pretty impressive when you think about it.

Anyway, the most interesting sounding volunteer position is helping cook for the people there. You cook, serve, eat, and hang out with the kids. For some reason, despite my general leeriness of groups of people I don't know, I'm interested.

Maybe after I get a job, and thus a regular schedule, I'll volunteer my time there. We'll see.

In other news, I went to a crafts fair today. It was pretty interesting--made me want to weave, and spin, and create, and do woodworking, and work with clay, and and and. It was for the opening of the new Portland Arts and Crafts Museum. Pretty small, but also full of very engaging art.

Also, Katherine and I are going to take up circus again when the new quarter of classes start at our local aerial school.

And I want to ride horses again.


But I'm excited about all these prospects. Also, about getting a job. Please please please, job, turn up!


Jun. 27th, 2007 12:31 am
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Okay so, because one Emily Porrrtaaarrr is totally frickin' sweet, I have a second driver for my drive to Portland! Yaaaaay. Porter in Portland. All is well.

We are gonna drive together. We are going to have the best adventure EVER. So there.

that is all. Also, i have an interview! And they think I'm awesome because they talked to Mary and Mary makes me sound awesome!

And no, she's not a lesbian. I still just like the userpic. Emily, in fact, is one of my *gasp* STRAIGHT friends. Oh my goodness.

Brevard tomorrow. Seeing the grandparents.


Apr. 6th, 2007 12:44 pm
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I don't sleep enough.

But, that's ok. Maybe I will when I'm older. Maybe I just don't need that much sleep, although when I'm left alone and don't have anything to get up for I generally sleep about nine hours. Hm. But I function all right on 5 or 6, so there you are. What's a busy girl like me to do?

Last night I met the Stephan. I'm probably spelling that wrong. Stephan is Anna's best friend from home and he's delightful. Apparently, when Anna has introduced him to new people before, the end up not getting along very well, but Stephan and I completely clicked. It took about two hours before we were giving each other shit and poking each other and generally scrappin' like polecats. We are going to arm wrestle before he leaves--I am going to win, but he doesn't know that yet. Anna asked her housemate's boyfriend how long he thought Stephan and I had known each other, and he said "uh... thousands of hours?" So yes. We made friends. I also got to hang out with Anna's family, who are in town along with Stephan, and that's always wonderful as they're great people, too.

In other news, I don't think I did well on my Developmental Biology test. I'm kind of past the point of caring about school work, but I hate disappointing Mary. However, I am babysitting for Vivian (her baby that she recently adopted from China), who is the cutest baby in the world, no questions asked. Seriously, I haven't had a love affair with a baby like this before, not even with the original womb baby.

What's a womb baby? A womb baby is a baby that, despite the fact that you're totally not interested in having children at the time, makes you want to have a baby because they are just such damn attractive babies. This might be physically- or personality-based. Thus, a tomb baby is the opposite--a baby so awful that it makes you want to kill them or die before you have a baby of your own. Anyway. Russell, my next door neighbor in Atlanta, was the original womb baby. He's pretty goddamn cute himself. But Vivian takes the cake.

I WILL get work on my thesis done this week. I WILL. I'm supposed to have the second draft in on Monday, but shhh, Mary doesn't know that. I'll get it done soon.

I have also applied for two jobs in Portland. I heard back from one guy--told me my qualifications were good but he was looking for someone in the next few weeks. He told me to check back in a little while, though, just in case his plans have changed. The other guy hasn't written me back. I should probably go apply my cover letter to another couple of postings and send it off, though.

Well. That's the state of the union.


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