Apr. 6th, 2007 12:44 pm
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I don't sleep enough.

But, that's ok. Maybe I will when I'm older. Maybe I just don't need that much sleep, although when I'm left alone and don't have anything to get up for I generally sleep about nine hours. Hm. But I function all right on 5 or 6, so there you are. What's a busy girl like me to do?

Last night I met the Stephan. I'm probably spelling that wrong. Stephan is Anna's best friend from home and he's delightful. Apparently, when Anna has introduced him to new people before, the end up not getting along very well, but Stephan and I completely clicked. It took about two hours before we were giving each other shit and poking each other and generally scrappin' like polecats. We are going to arm wrestle before he leaves--I am going to win, but he doesn't know that yet. Anna asked her housemate's boyfriend how long he thought Stephan and I had known each other, and he said "uh... thousands of hours?" So yes. We made friends. I also got to hang out with Anna's family, who are in town along with Stephan, and that's always wonderful as they're great people, too.

In other news, I don't think I did well on my Developmental Biology test. I'm kind of past the point of caring about school work, but I hate disappointing Mary. However, I am babysitting for Vivian (her baby that she recently adopted from China), who is the cutest baby in the world, no questions asked. Seriously, I haven't had a love affair with a baby like this before, not even with the original womb baby.

What's a womb baby? A womb baby is a baby that, despite the fact that you're totally not interested in having children at the time, makes you want to have a baby because they are just such damn attractive babies. This might be physically- or personality-based. Thus, a tomb baby is the opposite--a baby so awful that it makes you want to kill them or die before you have a baby of your own. Anyway. Russell, my next door neighbor in Atlanta, was the original womb baby. He's pretty goddamn cute himself. But Vivian takes the cake.

I WILL get work on my thesis done this week. I WILL. I'm supposed to have the second draft in on Monday, but shhh, Mary doesn't know that. I'll get it done soon.

I have also applied for two jobs in Portland. I heard back from one guy--told me my qualifications were good but he was looking for someone in the next few weeks. He told me to check back in a little while, though, just in case his plans have changed. The other guy hasn't written me back. I should probably go apply my cover letter to another couple of postings and send it off, though.

Well. That's the state of the union.


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