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Today was the most excitingest comics day evar. Here's why:

-I met Allison Bechdel, bought her new book, heard her talk, and then she signed my book afterwards! She's pretty much the coolest published-author-comics-artist-writer-person ever, and she was super cute on stage--every time she wasn't sure of an answer or there was a pause, her mouth would twitch. Also, her favorite book that she'd have on a desert island if she couldn't have anything else would be Pride and Prejudice. How cool is that? And she said that while she started out with Mo as her avatar in Dykes to Watch Out For, Sidney has become her avatar because "well, I introduced her because I realized everyone in the comic was really pretty nice, and I wanted someone who wasn't, and well, I guess I'm not all that nice most of the time. Take from that what you will."

And then she signed my book and I awkwardly talked about Charis and how Sarah and I read all her books on the couches before HS Women's writer's group, and how I used to live in the Twin Cities and so did she. I imagine it must be kind of weird, having to share a Personal Moment with hundreds of people who want to meet you one after another...

-For the second bullet point, which is pretty much the only other one I have, I got to meet Erika Moen who writes Dar (http://www.webcomicsnation.com/erika/dar/series.php), which I love. We chatted for a long time and she was super cool and as awesome as she seems from her comic. I even watched her booth for five minutes when she had to go pee, and awkwardly managed to sort of sell the other guy at her table's comics. I'm pretty sure I was blushing the whole time I talked to her. Radcakes!

And so it was the best day for comix-awesome evar! Hurrah!
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