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Today sucks because:

1. Experiments are hard to do when you don't know what the next step should be because your PI is out of town.

2. My student only comes in in the afternoons, meaning I'm doing half her project for her.

3. I induced protein at unfortunately high levels of cells--the OD was waaay too high when I got around to the induction yesterday.

4. I didn't remember to add glucose, which meant they were growing crapily in the first place.

5. I came in this morning to find one liter of my cells had fallen over in the shaker and spilled all over the fucking thing--leaving both a mess and many fewer cells in which to induce protein.

6. The centrifuge had water sitting in the bottom of it.

7. The centrifuge rotor had enormous puddles of water in each of its wells.

8. I have no idea what fucking buffer to lyse my cell pellets in or do my column in because THERE ISN'T A PROTOCOL, I'm just looking things up on the internet. But there should be a protocol, since another lab has already done this. But that guy left. Leaving no protocol.

9. I have to use a French press again for the first time in 4 years (MK, I'm looking at you here... YOU WERE THERE in those horrible first days of French Pressy goodness). I HATE the French press. HATE.

10. I have to show my student how to use it. She will be confused and cutesy. I will have to refrain from hitting her or telling her to shut her fucking mouth already, her voice is giving me a headache.

11. Probably don't have nanodiscs after all. Will have to try again. Insect cells are not yet grown up after they died A MONTH AGO because someone is incompetent. I am so looking forward to September.
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